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." — Daniel 12:4

Article Source: The Epoch Times

Several embalmers across the country have been observing many large, and sometimes very long, “fibrous” and rubbery clots inside the corpses they treat, and are speaking out about their findings.

Numerous embalmers from different states confirmed to The Epoch Times that they have been seeing these strange clots, starting from either 2020 or 2021.

It’s not yet known if the cause of the new clot phenomenon is COVID-19, vaccines, both, or something different.

The Epoch Times received additional videos and photos of the anomalous clots, but could not upload them due to the level of gore.

Mike Adams, who runs an ISO-17025 accredited lab in Texas, analyzed clots in August and found them to be lacking iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Adams’s lab uses inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, usually testing food for metals, pesticides, and glyphosate.

“We have tested one of the clots from embalmer Richard Hirschman, via ICP-MS. Also tested side by side, live human blood from an unvaccinated person,” Adams told The Epoch Times.

He found that the clots are lacking key elements present in healthy human blood, such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, suggesting that they are formed from something other than blood.

Adams is joining analytic forces with more doctors and plan to invest out of their own pocket in equipment in order to further determine their composition and probable causation.

The string-like structures differ in size, but the longest can be as long as a human leg and the thickest can be as thick as a pinky finger.

Drastic Increase in Clots

Richard Hirschman, a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Alabama, recalled that he has been in the trade since the tragedy of 9/11.

“Prior to 2020, 2021, we probably would see somewhere between 5 to 10 percent of the bodies that we would embalm [having] blood clots,” Hirschman told The Epoch Times.

“We are familiar with what blood clots are, and we’ve had to deal with them over time,” he said.

He says that now, 50 percent to 70 percent of the bodies he sees have clots.

“For me to embalm a body without any clots, kind of like how it was in the day, prior to all of this stuff … It’s rare,” Hirschman said.

“The exception is to embalm a body without clots,” he noted.

Clot Analysis

The chart below shows the differences between the blood of the unvaccinated and the clot tested with ICP-MS, according to Adams’s analysis.

Element Blood  (Unvaccinated) Clot
Mg (Magnesium) 35 ppm 1.7 ppm
K (Potassium) 1,893 ppm 12.5 ppm
Fe (Iron) 462 ppm 20.6 ppm
Cu (Copper) 1 ppm 0.3 ppm
Zn (Zinc) 7.9 ppm 2.4 ppm
Al (Aluminum) 1.3 ppm 1.6 ppm
Na (Sodium) 1,050 ppm 1,500 ppm
C (Carbon) 137,288 ppb 152,845 ppb
Ca (Calcium) 74 ppm 23.8 ppm
Sn (Tin) 163 ppb 943 ppb
Cl (Chlorine) 930,000 ppb 290,000 ppb
P (Phosphorus) 1,130 ppm 4,900 ppm

“Notice that the key elemental markers of human blood such as iron are missing in the clot (which is just at 4.4 percent of blood). Similar story with magnesium, potassium, and zinc. These are clear markers for human blood. Live human blood will always have high iron, or the person would be dead. These clots have almost no iron, nor magnesium, etc.,” Adams told The Epoch Times.

Wade Hamilton, a cardiologist who is familiar with clots, told The Epoch Times: “The fact that the magnesium, potassium, and iron are very low in the samples could suggest that they are not the usual post-mortem clots, that in fact there was no blood flow in these vessels. These structures raise but do not totally answer some interesting questions.”

“The combination of the low electrolytes and the novel very strong string-like structures suggests that these areas where the string-like structures are seen in the blood vessels did not receive circulation. They are not ‘normal’ post-mortem findings according to experienced embalmers bent on obtaining total body vascular access from one site, which because of the unusual ‘clots,’ they were unable to do,” he added.

“They are not normal post-mortem clots but rather the long tiny strings may have been etiologic in the deaths, preventing circulation to those regions. Others have shown that the spike protein can and does unfold and form a different configuration, contributing to tight string-like bonded structures with longitudinal twisting as well as cross binding, visible by microscopy, each one measuring angstroms in diameter—it takes 25,400,000 angstroms to make an inch—a typical capillary is around 5 microns, so many strings are needed to occlude a vessel.”

The embalming process has become much more difficult too, causing some embalmers to have to drain the blood via multiple points instead of a single spot.

‘Never Seen’ Before

“In 20 years of embalming, I had never seen these white fibrous structures in the blood, nor have others in my field. In the past year, I have seen these strange clots in many different individuals, and it doesn’t seem to matter what they die of, they often have similar substances in their blood. This makes me very concerned because if something is wrong in the blood, it begs the question: is something causing people to die prematurely?” Hirschman said.

“As the summer [of 2021] went on, COVID deaths were on the decline, but these clots were increasing in number. My suspicion is that the vaccine may be the cause of these strange clots. I realize that I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist, but I do know what blood looks like and I am very familiar with the embalming process that I have been doing for two decades. I do not know 100 percent what causes these clots, but I do know from my experience and through speaking with several other embalmers and funeral directors none of us had seen this strange clotting before.”

Hirschman sent the clots to a few pathologists and claims that some of them have “overlooked” them, probably due to fear of retaliation.

He has embalmed thousands of bodies and is very familiar with blood, and he feels that the blood of most of the bodies he has seen in the last two years “has changed.”

Hirschman is not afraid to lose his job because he’s a trade embalmer and not employed by a funeral home, but is also cautious not to reveal where exactly he works.

“They’re not even dead from COVID. They’re dying of sudden heart attacks, strokes, cancers. It doesn’t seem to matter what these people die of nowadays, so many of them have the same anomalies in their blood.”

“The blood is different. Something is causing the blood to change. And the whole purpose of me trying to come out was to try to say: look, something’s wrong. Let’s figure out what it is so that maybe we can find a way to help break this stuff down and save people’s lives,” Hirschman said.

“If it’s not the vaccine, fine! What is it? Let’s figure it out, because something is causing it and it can’t be healthy.”

Vaccination Status

Hirschman is not always able to talk to the families but has been diligently trying to confirm if the bodies of the people with clots had been vaccinated.

The funeral house sometimes knows the vaccination status of the deceased person and tells him; sometimes it may also be that the person got vaccinated and did not tell the family.

“I had a 49-year-old, was totally healthy getting ready for work, collapses dead. Next thing you know, I’m embalming him, and guess what I’m pulling out of him? The same stuff. Same stuff! He was totally fine, totally healthy. Shocked everybody. Find out, oh, yeah. Not only was he vaccinated, he was boosted,” Hirschman recalled.

He also stated that he found the “same stuff” in a man who had a stroke while sleeping and who died of cancer.

“I spoke with an embalmer in Louisiana and she said the same thing,” Hirschman said. “Sometimes they’re not huge, there are other varieties of anomalies, some of them were small, sometimes they’re little specks, like pieces of sand or coffee grounds.”

Hirschman annotated the details of bodies he has embalmed in the last few years:

  • 2018 total bodies: 410
    1st Quarter 90
    2nd Quarter 77
    3rd Quarter 110
    4th Quarter 133
  • 2019 total bodies: 439
    1st Quarter 95
    2nd Quarter 76
    3rd Quarter 101
    4th Quarter 167
  • 2020 total bodies: 572
    1st Quarter 130
    2nd Quarter 60
    3rd Quarter 166
    4th Quarter 216
  • 2021 total bodies: 632
    1st Quarter 198
    2nd Quarter 91
    3rd Quarter 164
    4th Quarter 179 (Nov. 9/19 Clotted; Dec. 19/40 Clotted)
  • 2022 total bodies so far: 364
    1st Quarter 146 (38 not clotted, 67 heavy clots, 20 confirmed vaccinated)
    2nd Quarter 90 (11 not clotted, 38 heavy clots, 21 confirmed vaccinated)
    3rd Quarter 128 (19 not clotted, 51 heavy clots, 15 confirmed vaccinated)

Other Embalmers

Wallace Hooker is an expert embalmer who lectures on a national level as well as internationally. He has a significant presence on social media, especially on some private embalming websites.

Hooker sees about 300 bodies a year, and has seen numerous clots of the same kind Hirschman has.

He told The Epoch Times that “people are seeing these [clots], it’s just not Richard and me and Anna [Foster],” another embalmer.

“I have people sending me photos almost every week of what they’re seeing,” Hooker said.

After he stated that he suspected the vaccines could have something to do with the clots, he was dismissed by some people who said he wasn’t a qualified doctor who could comment on the cause.

Hooker also suspects that the so-called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome could have some relation to these clots.

Hooker lives in a conservative, rural area, and from his observation, fewer of the people there have been vaccinated compared to those in big cities.

“At least 25 percent of what I was embalming would display a significant amount of clotting,” Hooker said.

He also noted that some embalmers with lesser skill might not find the clots after draining and that pathologists who do autopsies on the bodies might not do a full check on the vascular system.

“Some embalmers are not being thorough embalmers. Many work for corporate firms that absolutely do not allow a cell phone in the embalming room. They do not allow photos to be taken, and it’s grounds for immediate dismissal. I’ve talked to these people that work for these firms,” he further stated.

Anna Foster, a licensed funeral director from Missouri, explained that she started seeing more frequent and larger clots after the COVID pandemic started.

“I often sit with the families to make the arrangements. Families tend to tell us about the lead-up to the individual’s death, and knowing I embalmed the person the night before led me to keep track of these cases,” Foster told The Epoch Times.

“In the beginning, none had ever been diagnosed with COVID, but they had all been vaccinated. Later, a couple had had COVID but not recently, and they were also vaccinated,” she continued.

“Most of the individuals I embalmed and saw these changes were over the age of 75 and lived in nursing facilities, except for two men in their early fifties. One of these men was a friend of ours, and he had the vaccination, and after his second dose, he began to feel ill. His wife took him to their family doctor, and the doctor immediately sent him to the ER because he was showing signs of a thrown clot or a heart attack. He went into cardiac arrest while transferring, and he died shortly after. He was embalmed right after death, and the clotting was by far unexplainable, and this is when I began to feel very concerned about this vaccination and canceled my thoughts of receiving the vaccination myself,” Foster said.

In one case, she pulled out clots that were 2 feet in length and “several more” that were at least 12 inches—from the same body.

“I know before the vaccination, my embalming cases did not have the amount of clotting I see now, and very rarely would you find many with fibrin attached; now, it is at least ten times the amount, if not more,” she said.

Strange Clots

Larry Mills, a licensed embalmer and funeral director in the state of Alabama, has been in the funeral business since 1968 and has been involved with the embalming procedure since the beginning of his career.

“We as embalmers are seeing some strange clots since the COVID outbreak. These clots are very rubbery feeling and very long as they exit the veins that we use during the embalming procedure. They really appear to be like earthworms. I have never seen this in my career until now,” Mills told The Epoch Times.

Other funeral directors or embalmers wanted to maintain anonymity, because they don’t know how the funeral houses would react.

“I can tell you with certainty that the clots Richard has shown online are a phenomenon that I have not witnessed until probably the middle of last year. That is pretty much all I have to say about it. I have no knowledge as to what is causing the clots, but they did seemingly start showing up around the middle of 2021,” another embalmer, licensed since around 2001, told The Epoch Times.

“You can rest assured that the clots we are seeing are not something we ever saw prior to last year,” he added.

A licensed funeral director and apprentice embalmer who has been in the funeral industry for over 3 years has participated in over 200 embalmings.

“During May of 2021, the embalming process became more difficult. The normal draining of the blood was almost halted by thick, jelly-like blood. Instead, of the blood flowing normally down the table, it was very viscous. So thick, that it would not wash down the table without assistance,” she told The Epoch Times.

As time has passed since the vaccines were distributed she has seen more of the “thick blood” as well as “thick, fibrous-like clots.”

The clots are not only clotting the veins but the arteries as well.

She explained that normal embalming usually takes around two hours, but now it can take up to four hours.

“The distribution of the arterial fluid is being blocked by these clots and making my job more difficult. The clots are so large and thick that with the flow of arterial solution, massage and manipulation of the artery or vein is necessary for removal,” she continued. “I am able to assist some of the large clots with forceps.”

“Many families have reported their loved one’s death as a sudden heart attack, embolisms, and blood clots. Many families have stated, that their family members had no health issues prior to receiving the vaccine. I myself am vaccinated, as well as my parents. My father was vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, two weeks later he had emergency surgery for blood clots in his popliteal artery. After his second vaccine dose, he was hospitalized with more clots, he had surgery a second time, and the third time he almost died. My father had to have a complete bypass in his leg,” she said.

“During my father’s hospitalization, my best friend’s father was having emergency surgery at the same hospital for a massive heart attack, which he suffered weeks after receiving his vaccine.”

“My father now suffers from nerve damage and loss of usage in his leg. After my mother received her Moderna vaccine, she has suffered complications of heart valve failure, and surgery for blood clots in her arteries. I have been diagnosed, with pericardial effusion of the tricuspid valve and I also have myocarditis. I started having sharp chest pain, shortness of breath, and it has progressively become worse. I went to the emergency room and followed up with a cardiologist, who diagnosed me. My blood pressure is at an all-time high. I was a very healthy person until I received the Moderna vaccine,” she added.

The Epoch Times reached out to Moderna for comment.

Three other embalmers also confirmed over the phone having witnessed anomalous clots.

Possible Explanations: Doctors

“The very large blood clots that are being removed before and after death are unlike anything we have ever seen in medicine,” Dr. James Thorp, a maternal-fetal medicine expert who has been observing anomalies in pregnant women and fetuses, told The Epoch Times.

“The COVID-19 vaccine diverts energy away from the physiologic processes in the body towards the production of the toxic spike protein,” Thorp said. “This directs energy away from the normal process of internal digestion also known as autophagy. This results in protein misfolding and propagation of large intravascular blood clots and also a variety of related diseases including prion disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, amyloidosis, and dementias including Alzheimer’s and others. While it is possible that COVID-19 illness in itself could potentially contribute to these diseases, it is unlikely and if so the effect of the vaccine would be 100- to 1,000-fold greater than that of COVID-19 disease.”

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