And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with
perplexity 640: aporia, ap-or-ee´-a; from the same as 639; a (state of) quandary: — perplexity.
; the sea and the waves roaring; — Luke 21:25

Article Source:  Jerusalem Post

Iran’s Fars News and Turkey’s Anadolu, both of which tend to represent the government’s official view, highlighted a report that asserts the US mistakenly revealed the name of a Saudi official linked to 9/11 hijackers.“The FBI leaked the identity of a Saudi official at the Saudi Embassy in Washington who allegedly supported two al-Qaeda operatives during the incident,” Fars News reported.

A mistake was made in a declaration by an FBI official in relation to a “lawsuit by families of 9/11 victims who say the Saudi government was involved in the attacks,” Anadolu reported. According to a Turkish media report, a filing was released in April and unsealed last week. “Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah was mistakenly named in the declaration,” Anadolu reported. “Al-Jarrah was a mid-level Saudi Foreign Ministry official who was assigned to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC, in 1999 and 2000. He was in charge of supervising the activities of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs employees at Saudi-funded mosques and Islamic centers in the US, according to the report. The authorities believe that Al-Jarrah instructed two people – Fahad al-Thumairy, a cleric; and Omar al-Bayoumi, a suspected Saudi agent – to help two of the hijackers settle in the US in January 2000 ahead of the attacks.”The whereabouts of Jarrah are unknown, Anadolu reported. It postulated he may be in Saudi Arabia. Turkey’s interest in highlighting this is due to Turkey’s current government is an implacable foe of Riyadh.

Turkey also accuses Saudi Arabia of involvement in killing a dissident in Turkey in 2018. Turkey is a key ally of Qatar and works with Iran. Iran also opposes Saudi Arabia and seeks to embarrass Riyadh. Iran’s Fars News said the US inadvertently revealed “one of the most sensitive secrets of the US government about the 9/11 attacks.” Jarrah was a “cultural adviser from 1999 to 2000” in Washington, it reported. This took place more than 20 years ago. Iran’s media said this is the first time a connection has been made between “the hijackers and the Saudi Embassy.

The revelation, which a senior US government official confirmed was done unintentionally, appears to raise questions about Saudi Arabia’s possible connection to the terrorist attack. It also highlights the unusual efforts of senior Trump administration officials in recent months to prevent the publicity of domestic documents related to the incident, Fars News reported. The story is now making its way into English media in the UK and elsewhere. Al Jazeera in Qatar also picked up the story on Tuesday. Al Jazeera and Qatar’s government also are critical of Saudi Arabia and want to harm Riyadh’s reputation in Washington.

The US Department of Justice under President Donald Trump still was refusing to open FBI files despite the civil lawsuit by 9/11 victims, ProPublica reported in April. The department asserted it was a state secret. In 2019, reports indicated the US would reveal key names. “A 2012 report by the FBI said the agency was investigating Fahad al-Thumairy and Omar Ahmed al-Bayoumi, Saudi nationals who had allegedly helped the attackers,” ABC reported at the time. “Al-Thumairy is a former Saudi consulate official, and Mr al-Bayoumi was once suspected of being a Saudi intelligence officer.”

It appears efforts have been made to make sure that at least some of this information will remain behind closed doors. A Wikipedia link for Al-Thumairy takes one to a page about 9/11 “conspiracy” theories. Despite almost two decades and changes in leadership in both the US and Saudi Arabia, there still are concerns that controversial documents or previously classified briefings related to 9/11 might be revealed.

The US was very reticent after 9/11 to cast any blame on its allies where the hijackers may have come from or on countries, such as Pakistan, that supported the Taliban and religious extremism and harbored terrorists and anti-American extremists. Saudi Arabia cracked down on extremists and al-Qaeda after 9/11, and there was a wave of attacks in the kingdom. A terrorist attack, which al-Qaeda in Yemen took responsibility for, targeted the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, in 2019 and was carried out by a Saudi national. In the wake of it, other Saudi cadets were sent home. The US and Saudi Arabia appeared to have not identified the shooter’s growing extremist views.

Despite Turkey and Iran trying to highlight Saudi Arabia and 9/11, both countries have their own sordid history of hosting extremists. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was located by the US just a few hundred meters from Turkey, and he was linked to smuggling networks in Turkey. Turkish-backed extremists have carried out attacks against Kurds and murdered Kurdish activists in recent months. Iran has worked with the Taliban and hosted members of Al-Qaeda. Hamza Bin Laden, son of the arch-terrorist Osama, went to Iran and lived there for years. The US hunted him down and killed him in an airstrike in August 2019.


  1. This information has been well known for years, The Bush state department allowed many Saudi’s to retain their visas and allowed members of the “Royal” family to leave before any investigation occured. There has always been a policy of keeping a blind eye on the Saudi’s, as we wanted their oil. Up until the Trump administration the State department has had an open policy of supporting the Oil producing country of the House of Saud over Americas true ally Israel.

    The United States has furnished our Military (both weapons and personal) as a personal defense force for these Muslim elites. Remember that Obama bowed down before the Saudi King in submission.

    The Saudi’s refuse the right of Christianity to exist in its country, while they supply financial support to the building of Mosques and promoting Islam in the United States. At one time every visitor to Saudi Arabia received a copy of the anti-semitic “The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion” which is a fabricated antisemitic text, purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination.

    As for Turkey making an uproar over the killing of killing a dissident in Turkey in 2018 by the Saudi’s remember, many persons are murdered by both the Saudi’s and the Turk’s with no outcry. It was a smoke screen to promote Erdoğan’s campaign to be the leader of the revived caliphate

    There is no Muslim country anywhere that is a real ally to the United States. The only goal of Islam is the forced submission to a world wide caliphate, (View Mohamed as a kind of “pinky and the brain”) The word Islam is defined as submission. It is the religion of the sword, and is not a religion of peace but rather an political ideology under the guise of a religion. There is no peace, only hacking peoples into pieces.

    Islam both sunni and shia and their many sects, are not our friends, regardless of what you are told by the progressives and State department. Islam should be outlawed in the United States until Christians are allowed to worship freely in muslim countries!

    Thank God Trump pulled Israel out from under the bus that the Clinton’s, Bush and Obama threw them under. Pray not only for the Israelis but for the muslims of the world to receive Christ as their Lord and master. this is the only way to peacefully concur the doctrines of devils know as Islam.

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