End of Days in May? Christian group spreads word

RALEIGH, N.C. – If there had been time, Marie Exley would have liked to start a family. Instead, the 32-year-old Army veteran has… 14

Greek Church takes on ‘antichrist’ in ID card row

Senior clerics in Greece have told the state in no uncertain terms that vigilance is required to prevent the antichrist from making a… 0

Apocalyptic Talk Stokes Microchip Implant Debate

Forbidding companies from forcing employees to have microchips implanted in their bodies isn’t just about protecting personal freedom; it might ward off the… 2

Bill banning forced identity-chip implants clears House

HARRISBURG – Invasion of privacy is an issue that really gets under State Rep. Babette Josephs’ skin.

‘Ark of the Covenant’ about to be unveiled?

Abuna Pauolos, patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia

False Prophet Flops!

Todd Bentley: Unwelcome Wagon in L.A.

Rome and the European Union

The Vatican has been the most powerful institution in Europe, and although its influence declined at the time of the Reformation it has… 3

Dawn of the bionic age: Body hackers let chips get under their skin

Source: McClatchy Read Related Article The DefCon 2017 conference drew hackers and IT people from all over the world to discuss vulnerabilities and… 0

Rewriting the History of Jerusalem

Source: WSJ PHOTO: ISTOCK/GETTY IMAGES For Unesco and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Israel’s capital is anything but Jewish.

‘Temple of Baal’ to go up in New York, London

Temple of Baal, Palmyra, Syria, prior to its destruction by ISIS Visitors next month to Times Square in New York or Leicester Square… 7

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