We Will Decapitate the Jews and Rip Their Hearts from Their Bodies

Gaza Palestinian Salafi Jihad Group Jama’at Al-Tawhid Wa’l-Jihad: Hamas No Different than the Arab Idol-Kings; We Will Decapitate the Jews and Rip Their Hearts from Their Bodies

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“And they shall no more be a preyStrongs 957: z;Ab baz; from 962; plunder:—booty, prey, spoil(-ed). to the heathenStrongs 1471: ywø…g gowy, go´-ee; rarely (shortened) y…Og goy, go´-ee; apparently from the same root as 1465 (in the sense of massing); a foreign nation; hence, a Gentile; also (figuratively) a troop of animals, or a flight of locusts:—Gentile, heathen, nation, people., neither shall the beast of the land devour them; but they shall dwell safelyStrongs 983:betach, beh´takh; from 982; properly, a place of refuge; abstract, safety, both the fact (security) and the feeling (trust); often (adverb with or without preposition) safely:—assurance, boldly, (without) care(-less), confidence, hope, safe(-ly, -ty), secure, surely., and none shall make them afraidStrongs 2729: charad, khaw-rad´; a primitive root; to shudder with terror; hence, to fear; also to hasten (with anxiety):—be (make) afraid, be careful, discomfit, fray (away), quake, tremble..”
— Eze 34:28

“For thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou hast clapped thine hands, and stamped with the feet, and rejoiced in heart with all thy despite against the land of Israel; Behold, therefore I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and will deliver thee for a spoil to the heathen; and I will cut thee off from the people, and I will cause thee to perish out of the countries: I will destroy thee; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD.”
—Ezekiel 25:6-7

On March 20, 2010, the Gaza-based Salafi-jihadi group Jama’at Al-Tawhid wa’l-Jihad (JTJ) issued a communiqué on the recent confrontations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and on the Israeli declaration of holy places in Hebron and Bethlehem as national heritage sites. The communiqué focuses its fire primarily on the Arab regimes, “the ‘ulama of evil,” and Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of whom the JTJ attacks for having betrayed the cause. Following are excerpts:
…”The lowliest of Allah’s creation, the Jews, are making the pilgrimage to the first qibla [i.e. Jerusalem], borne on corrupt evangelical belief and delusions, after having had the audacity to include Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi [i.e. the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron] and the Bilal [Ibn Rabah] Mosque [i.e. Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem] in the so-called ‘Jewish heritage.’ This is occurring at a time when the armies of the Muslims number in the millions, and their heavy and light weapons are rusting by the day in their silos – or else we see them turned to wage war on the mujahideen or to repress [their] peoples.
“We are still in the situation of scum that the Prophet of Allah, Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him, informed us would take root in the Islamic nation when he said: ‘The nations will rally against you like ravenous people to the kettle’. Someone asked: ‘Will we be few on that day?’ He answered, ‘To the contrary, you will be many, but you will be as the scum on the torrent, and Allah will remove fear of you from the breasts of your enemy, and will strike weakness into your hearts’. Someone asked: ‘Oh Prophet of Allah, what is this weakness?’ He answered: ‘Love of this world and hatred for death.’
“What has assisted [in the perpetuation of] this situation of scum is the presence of these iniquitous regimes, which spare no effort in making war on Islam and the Muslims and in enabling the forces of global unbelief, the Jews and the Christians, against the Muslims’ lands, resources, and sanctities, after having given over [the Muslims’] blood and honor [to the enemies] in order to steady their rotten thrones and to fill their putrid bellies…
“As for the descendants of apes and pigs [i.e. the Jews], we bring them the tidings that the wave of jihad is inexorably coming, and they, Allah willing, will taste the bitterness of the blows of the sincere and the harsh imprint of the monotheists [i.e. the Salafi-jihadis] on their lives and their property. Allah carries out his promises and makes his orders come to pass. If in the past they reeled under the blows of the nationalists, the pan-Arabists, and counterfeit jihadists, they will cry [tears of] blood over every drop of Muslim blood they spilled and the [women’s] honor and the sanctities they violated when they see the fright of meeting the friends of Allah in battle. They will see men who love to be killed for the sake of Allah as much as they [the Jews] love life, men who throw themselves into the thick of battle and storm fortresses to separate their heads from their necks and to rip their hearts out of their bodies…”

  1. Bill, 29 March, 2010

    wow somebody is blood thirsty…

  2. Remnant, 30 March, 2010

    Such a peaceful re lie gion!

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