UNESCO resolution is a ‘disgrace to intelligent people,’ says Temple Mount archeologist

Source: Jerusalem Post
It’s a deplorable decision, which ignores historical and archeological facts, as well as Christian ties to the site, says Gabriel Barkay.

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“The LORD doth build upStrongs 1129: banah, baw-naw´; a primitive root; to build (literally and figuratively):—(begin to) build(-er), obtain children, make, repair, set (up), x surely. Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel.”
Psalms 147:2

On the eve of UNESCO’s Wednesday vote in Paris to ratify a resolution denying Jewish ties to Judaism’s holiest site, Temple Mount Sifting Project co-founder and archeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkay dismissed the ballot as an affront to science and history.

The resolution, which refers to the Temple Mount solely by its Muslim name of Al-Haram Al-Sharif – ostensibly eliminating its connection to Judaism and Christianity – is expected to be approved by the committee comprised of 21 member states at its 40th session.

“I’m an archeologist, not a politician,” Barkay said Tuesday at a press conference arranged by Media Central at the project’s headquarters in Jerusalem’s Emek Tzurim National Park.

“I cherish all civilizations of Jerusalem, without exception… Jesus and the Temple Mount are referred to in the New Testament over 20 times. Jesus went there prior to his crucifixion and overturned a table from money-changers and prophesied about the Temple Mount. So he who tries to jeopardize the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount actually undermines Christianity, because it is based on Jesus and his connection to the Temple Mount.”

The sifting project was created in 2004 with archeologist Zachi Dvira, under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University, to analyze thousands of years worth of Jewish antiquities that were illicitly dug up by Arab bulldozers on the contested compound in 1999 to build an entrance to a subterranean mosque.

Since then, the project has uncovered 500,000 relics spanning 15,000 years of history, with the help of some 250,000 volunteers and a full-time staff of 20. Last month, the organization made international headlines after restoring several tiles from the Herodian Second Temple complex.

Citing volumes of evidence of the First and Second Temples in the Bible, Mishna and by historian Flavius Josephus, Barkay said every synagogue in the world faces the direction of the Temple Mount, which, due to Jordan’s intervention, has become an “archeological black hole.”

“I think that it’s a disgrace to UNESCO and all the countries who are members of UNESCO, and I think it is a deplorable decision that is over-politicized, while ignoring historical and archeological facts,” he said.

“It also undermines the connection of Christianity to Jerusalem, something that was overlooked by the media around the world,” Barkay said.

“It is a disgrace to anybody who thinks of themselves as a civilized, intelligent person.”

Asked what can be done in the face of such profound historical revisionism, he said politics must be ignored in the pursuit of facts.

“As archeologists, we should continue to carry out our work and ignore this [resolution] and similar decisions,” he said.

Barkay said he takes issue with UNESCO’s seemingly politicized sharp focus on Jewish heritage sites in Jerusalem while Islamic State continues to flagrantly destroy thousands of years of archeological relics throughout the Middle East.

“It’s very interesting that archeological sites in Syria are blown up and demolished, and sites in Iraq are being bulldozed away, and what UNESCO is busy with is declarations about Jerusalem and its connection to Jewish heritage,” he said.

“Instead of praising Israel for its archeological work, which illuminates the past of the Temple Mount and other places, what we have is the opposite,” Barkay said. “It’s deplorable, but let’s remember that Israel has one voice, while the Arabs and their supporters have so many more voices, so they can come to the decision that the earth is flat, and they will have a majority.”

  1. stesse, 26 October, 2016

    Six nations voted against the resolution that the Temple Mount has no connection to Judaism, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, UK, USA Interesting that Estonia, which voted in favor of Israel, is now being invaded by Russia which voted against. Britain is sending troops there now to defend Estonia against the Russian aggression.

  2. Etzel, 27 October, 2016

    This was a resolution that should have never been considered let alone proposed. While the USA and 5 other Nations voted against it, 26 other nations abstained from voting.

    The passing of this resolution show how degraded and depraved The United Nations and it’s organizations have become.

    Islam is out to destroy any other religion and is using their membership in UNESCO to achieve their goals. That goal world submission to Islam. The USA did not need to vote in favor (although it may, in the future vote for even more binding resolutions, if the state department and it’s former secretaries and directors have their way) there was enough support form other nations to assure it’s passage.

    For whom and for what ‘temple’ was the mount originally constructed?

    As I’ve stated in previous posts:


    UNESCO has been a joke since it was co-oped by the arab, muslim and liberal progressive countries that sympathize with the fake-estinian’s, these same countries pay little to maintain the United Nazis, and yet these anti-semites run the organization.

    It is obvious that the members of UNESCO cannot think or reason logically. They instead subvert real history by reinventing it. These re-writers of history have used Goebbels strategy “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    and also in


    What is the name of the mount upon which that gold domed outhouse sits on? Is it the “Mosque” Mount? Or is it the Temple Mount? Muslims have mosques, Jew’s have Temples. If it is the Temple Mount, then the wall supporting it, would be and is part of the temple!

    However in typical fashion, the Islamist’s have once again co-opted another peoples culture, history and property. They have built an outhouse upon the Jewish peoples heritage, and Holy place of worship.

    Could it be that Islam has no legitimate spots of it’s own? That the pedophile prophet, mo ham mad, had no legitimate visions. It a fact that none of the 16 various Arabic names for Jerusalem are mentioned in the Koran. Yet the Old Testament or Tanakh mentions Jerusalem and its alternative Hebrew name “Zion” appear 850 times.

    To Quote Carl Gallups “The Word of God has much to say about the abject hatred of the revenant nation of Israel in the last days. It also speaks of Jerusalem ultimately being surrounded by enemies and, at least, the temple area – being trampled upon by ‘Gentiles,’”

    “To Satan, it is not enough that an ultimate symbol of an ‘abomination that causes desolation’ (The Dome of the Rock) is sitting upon the Temple mount — but now, apparently he is indwelling an organization that fancies itself to be the head of a rising ‘one world order,’ and attempting to assassinate historical truth in the furthered cause of alienating Israel in the last days.”
    (Carl Gallups)

    The Globalist agenda promoted by many world leaders, including those countries that voted against this resolution, are part, of the ushering in of the one world government and eventually the one world false religion. This has been the desire of both Obama and Ms. Clinton.


  3. JamesD, 07 November, 2016

    What happened to this site? I come here often for the news and it’s hardly ever updated anymore.

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