Netanyahu: Palestinians using Temple Mount to incite against Israel

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu board a plane ahead of the UN General Assembly in New York. (photo credit:AVI OHAYON – GPO)

While departing for UN General Assembly, PM says: “Israel wants to be at peace with the Palestinians but to our sorrow they continue to spread crude lies about our policy on the Temple Mount.”

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“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of tremblingStrongs 7478: rah´-al; from 7477; a reeling (from intoxication):—trembling.
Strongs 7477: : raw-al´; a primitive root; to reel, i.e. (figuratively) to brandish:—terribly shake.
unto all the peopleStrongs 5971: am; from 6004; a people (as a congregated unit); specifically, a tribe (as those of Israel); hence (collectively) troops or attendants; figuratively, a flock:—folk, men, nation, people.
Strongs 6004: aw-mam´; a primitive root; to associate; by implication, to overshadow (by huddling together):—become dim, hide.
round about, when they shall be in the seigeStrongs 4692: matsowr, maw-tsore´; or mDxw…rmatsuwr, maw-tsoor´; from 6696; something hemming in, i.e. (objectively) a mound (of besiegers), (abstractly) a siege, (figuratively) distress; or (subjectively) a fastness:—besieged, bulwark, defence, fenced, fortress, siege, strong (hold), tower.
Strongs 6696: tsuwr, tsoor; a primitive root; to cramp, i.e. confine (in many applications, literally and figuratively, formative or hostile):—adversary, assault, beset, besiege, bind (up), cast, distress, fashion, fortify, inclose, lay siege, put up in bags.
both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”
Zechariah 12:2-3

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged that the Palestinians were abusing the sanctity of the Temple Mount to incite the Arab world against Israel, moments before he boarded an airplane Tuesday for New York where he plans to address the UN General Assembly on Thursday.

“Israel wants to be at peace with the Palestinians but to our sorrow they continue to spread crude lies about our policy on the Temple Mount,” said Netanyahu.

Although the eyes of the international community are focused on Iran, Syria and ISIS, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu plan to speak about the stalled peace process when they address the plenum in separate speeches on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

The Quartet will be also be meeting in New York on Wednesday to discuss ways to jumpstart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process which has been frozen since April 2014.

Tensions between Palestinians and Israelis have been particularly high during the holiday period, which has been marked by clashes on the Temple Mount, including on Sunday and Monday.

Since the site was closed to Jewish visitors at the time, Israel has since explained that the reasoning is clearly not the issue of whether Jews should be able to enter the area.

Palestinians have warned that Israel is attempting to change the status quo in the Temple Mount compound that houses the Al-Aksa Mosque and is under the authority of the Islamic Wakf.

“Israel is committed to and preserves the status quo,” said Netanyahu.

“It is the Palestinian rioters who bring weapons and pipe bombs to the [mosque area]. They are the ones who are harming the sanctity of the place [the Temple Mount] and disturbing its status quo,” said Netanyahu.

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