House agrees to muzzle pastors with ‘hate crimes’ plan

‘This is first time protected status given to whatever sexual orientation one has’

Hated for His Name’s Sake

“Then shall they deliverStrongs 3860: paradidomi, par-ad-id´-o-mee; from 3844 and 1325; to surrender, i.e yield up, intrust, transmit:—betray, bring forth, cast, commit, deliver (up), give (over, up), hazard, put in prison, recommend. you up to be afflictedStrongs 2347: thlipsis, thlip´-sis; from 2346; pressure (literally or figuratively):—afflicted(-tion), anguish, burdened, persecution, tribulation, trouble., and shall kill you: and ye shall be hatedStrongs 3404: miseo, mis-eh´-o; from a primary, misos (hatred); to detest (especially to persecute); by extension, to love less: — hate(-ful). of all nations for my name’s sake.”
—Matthew 24:9

Members of the U.S. House today approved a plan to create a federal “hate crimes” plan that will provide special protections to homosexuals and others with alternative sexual choices, but leave Christian ministers and pastors open to prosecution should their teachings be linked to any subsequent offense, by anyone, against a “gay.”

The vote was 249-175, and came despite intense Republican opposition to the creation of the privileged class.

Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. of the High Impact Leadership Coalition also condemned the action, offering a warning about the future of the United States.

He was interviewed on the issue by Greg Corombos of Radio America/WND, and the audio of his interview is embedded here:

Jackson said the action simply puts “sexual orientation” in a specially protected class under federal law.

“Based on history, it really isn’t something that needs to be protected,” he said. “There’s a problem that this is going to mark the first time that a protected class status is given to … whatever sexual orientation one has.”

He said the history in other nations is a fairly certain prosecution of Christians. In Sweden, for example, a minister who preached out of Leviticus was sentenced to 30 days in jail – for preaching out of Leviticus.

Similar state laws have resulted in similar results. In Philadelphia several years ago a 73-year-old grandmother was jailed for trying to share Christian tracts with people at a homosexual festival, he said.

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., said H.R. 1913 will create “thought crimes,” and U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., said it will end equality in the United States.

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, charged the plan will divide America into groups of more favored versus less. He again cited USC Title 18, Section 2a, the foundation of H.R. 1913, which says anyone who through speech “induces” commission of a violent hate crime “will be tried as a principal” alongside the active offender.

But there is no epidemic of hate in the U.S. he noted.

U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., introduced a striking argument: If Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who supports traditional marriage had slapped the homosexual judge who derided her on the stage under H.R. 1913 she could be indicted as a “violent hate criminal,” facing a possible 10 years in prison. But, Forbes said, if the homosexual judge had slapped her, she would have had no special protection under H.R. 1913.

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, said, “The Anti-Christian Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives has acted today to lay the legal foundation and framework to investigate, prosecute and persecute pastors, youth pastors, Bible teachers, and anyone else whose Bible speech and thought is based upon and reflects the truths found in the Bible.

“A pastor’s sermon could be considered ‘hate speech’ under this legislation if heard by an individual who then acts aggressively against persons based on ‘sexual orientation.’ The pastor could be prosecuted for “conspiracy to commit a hate crime,” she said.

“This Democrat-controlled Congress has now elevated pedophiles and other bizarre sexual orientations, as well as drag queens, transgenders, lesbians and gay men to the level of protection of that already given to African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities in the law,” she said.

House Republican leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said the Democrats simply have placed a higher value on some lives compared to others, a decision he said is unconstitutional.

Not happy with just making Christian teachings on homosexuality illegal, noted officials at Liberty Counsel, supporters have approved the law that also provides grant money for so-called “sensitivity-training” to provide pro-homosexual propaganda.

When a plan virtually identical to the current Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 was developed in the last Congress, Rep. Artur Davis, D-Ala., admitted during a hearing on the bill it could be used to prosecute pastors merely for preaching against homosexuality under the premise that they could be “inducing” violence in someone.

The bill ultimately failed then because President Bush determined it was unnecessary – the crimes banned in the legislation already are addressed by other laws – and it probably was unconstitutional.

“The federal hate crimes bill is bad news for everyone,” said Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute, who testified in Congress against the bill two years ago.

“Instead of treating all crime victims equally, it creates a caste system where select groups, such as gays and lesbians, are given greater priority in the criminal justice system. This is not progress; it is political correctness. In other nations and states, the adoption of hate crimes legislation has been the first step toward widespread suppression of speech and ideas critical of homosexuality,” he said.

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel has spoken out against H.R. 1913 a number of times.

“As has proved to be true in both Europe and Canada, this Orwellian piece of legislation is the direct precursor to freedom killing and speech chilling ‘hate speech’ laws. It represents a thinly veiled effort to ultimately silence – under penalty of law – morally, medically and biblically based opposition to the homosexual lifestyle,” he said.

Barber said the 14th Amendment already provides that victims of violent crimes are afforded equal protection under the law “regardless of sexual preference or proclivity.”

Barber cited FBI statistics showing there were about 1.4 million violent crimes in the U.S. in 2007, but only 1,512 were presumed to be “hate crimes.” And two-thirds of those involved claims of “hateful” words, touching and shoving.

Under the specifications of the law, a Christian needn’t touch a homosexual to face charges, he noted.

“If the homosexual merely claims he was subjectively placed in ‘apprehension of bodily injury’ by the Christian’s words then, again, the Christian can be thrown in prison for a felony ‘hate crime,'” he said.

WND reported previously that the plan was introduced by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., who said, “The bill only applies to bias-motivated violent crimes and does not impinge public speech or writing in any way.”

Section 10 of the act states, “Nothing in this Act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses of, the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

However, critics cite United States Code Title 18, Section 2, as evidence of how the legislation could be used against people who merely speak out against homosexuality. It states: Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal.

Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern, warned Christians to speak up before the legislation passes. He said they are acting like the proverbial frog in a slowly heating kettle that boils to death.

“They need to wake up and take action to oppose this threat to religious liberty.”

  1. Ernest Gregoire, 30 April, 2009

    The country has gone mad! The legislators are under the influence of Satan himself.

  2. becca, 30 April, 2009

    I never thought it would pass….never believed it. I thought maybe in a few years for sure but not 2009. This is a disgusting injustice to every human being.
    A crime is a crime, period. If you hit someone it’s assault whether they are gay or straight. If you kill someone it’s murder, no matter their sexual orientation. There is NO need for this law. The purpose for imposing this is a specific agenda of the liberals and satan is the author.
    The homosexuals can parade down city streets that are maintained by the taxes dollars of citizens that oppose their behavior; while they parade and preform filth in broad daylight to be seen by anyone passing by, they are protected by police officers also paid for by tax dollars of citizens that oppose their behavior. Sodomites have already been given special right prior to this bill. Why do they need more? I thought our gov’t was of the people, by the people and for the people.

  3. Linda, 30 April, 2009

    RE: “If the homosexual merely claims he was subjectively placed in ‘apprehension of bodily injury’ by the Christian’s words then, again, the Christian can be thrown in prison for a felony ‘hate crime,’” he said.

    When does Mat 7:6 become applicable in such a situation?

    “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

    I consider our pastors to be holy & that this law would “trample our pastors under the feet” of those who have no intentions of trying to understand that the pastors are simply trying to warn them.

    And I would think they would be fearful of sharia rather than christianity.

  4. Kevin, 30 April, 2009

    And Harbonah, one of the chamberlians, said before the king, Behold also, the gallows fifty cubits high, which Haman had made for Mordecai, who had spoken good for the king, standeth in the house of Haman. Then the king said, Hang him thereon. So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had perpared for Mordecai. Esther7:9,10

    For they intended evil against thee: they imagained a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform. Psalms 21:11

    And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Luke 18:6-8.

    And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. Psalms 9:10 Amen!

  5. Stuart Kirkham, 30 April, 2009

    The legislators in Britain are under the influence of Satan too!!

  6. aneriz, 30 April, 2009

    We have heard for many years rumors of how Christian persecution would reach the USA. I guess this is how it all begins, we become the politically incorrect under class with no legal protection that is targeted by those that oppose the cross of Christ.

    Let’s stand firm in the faith and hope that is in Jesus Christ, for everything else is being shaken.

  7. Eddie, 01 May, 2009

    This doesn’t surprise me.

    Are you looking up? It’s the only way to overcome this madness.

    The season is here and it would be a bad time for anyone to put their faith in man. Psalm 118:8, “It’s better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

    Come Jesus!

  8. Remnant, 01 May, 2009

    When this passes and it will, your King James Version of the Word of G_D will be under attack!

    It will be replaced with a watered down paraphrase like the abominable trash writing The Message, or even worse David H. Stern’s the “Complete” Jewish Bible.

    You will have politically correct material written with man’s opinion and not the word of G_D.

    Better add a few real Bibles to your stock pile of food water and other necessities for survival in the soon to come Fascist Obamaland. If the Lord tarries you’ll need them!

    In Messiah

  9. Remnant, 01 May, 2009

    Maybe Rene Descartes’ quote will be changed to I think therefore I hate.

    More insanity from the loony tunes in power. They and their supporters are the real haters!

  10. Linda, 05 May, 2009

    Hi Remnant,

    Good idea to have extra KJV packed away. Probably would help to put the “Message” & the “Complete” Jewish Bible on the bedside table as decoys!

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