Radical Islam, Not Israel, Is Palestinians’ Main Problem –

A convenient partner
Current Palestinian leadership has good intentions; we should seize opportunity

Distress of Nations

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring;”
—Luke 21:25


“And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”
—Genesis 16:12

As we approach the international conference in Washington, Israeli-Palestinian talks are gaining momentum. The doubts, hesitations and vacillations are clear and understood, yet it seems that despite past failures and disappointments, Israel must find the opportunity.

It appears that a change has come about in the Palestinian Authority. Terror against Israel from Judea and Samaria has diminished significantly, and after all, security and prevention of terror were set out in the Road Map as one of the conditions to any diplomatic process.

Although terror from Judea and Samaria has decreased, primarily due to Israeli security operations, efforts on the part of the Palestinians are also evident. Although these efforts are far from satisfactory, they are far greater than witnessed before.

I know Palestinian Prime Minister Dr Salam Fayyad well from years of working together. He is an intelligent and honest man who is well

aware of the need to re-organize the Palestinian administration. His efforts in rectifying and “cleansing” the Palestinian economy have already been highly praised, and his efforts to improve Palestinian life are impressive. However, the level of support he will receive from Mahmoud Abbas, his superior, and the backing he will receive from the Palestinian public will determine whether he will succeed in implementing his good intentions.

With regards to the Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas; his position, which negates terror and violence as a means of achieving a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, is well known. It was expressed at times and in places where much courage was required to do so. However, his weaknesses are also well known: He is not a charismatic leader and his ability to lead the Palestinian people through controversial issues is doubtful. However, there is no doubt that the incumbent Palestinian leadership is the most convenient for Israel as a negotiating partner.

Bush Administration an asset
The partition of the Palestinian Authority and the turning of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank into two hostile states are a positive development in this context. The acts of murder and atrocities perpetrated in Gaza and the radical Islamist regime that has taken over there, have made it clear to the majority of West Bank residents that radical Islam, both religious and political, is their main problem – and not Israel.

The rumors circling the West Bank as to a hit list comprising 250 senior Fatah names prepared by Hamas has contributed to a better understanding of the meaning of terror.

I heard from a well-known journalist, whether in jest or in earnest is unclear, that during the bloody events in Gaza mothers would warn their children, who were cooped up in their homes, that the safest time to go out was when they heard the roaring of Israeli helicopter engines: That’s when the gunmen run for their lives…

Another weighty consideration for supporting the acceleration of the process is the American stance. The US administration is striving, and even pushing, for progress on the Israeli-Palestinian track. Israel must be attentive to the will of the current American administration not only because of its great friendship, but also because of its understanding of the existential threats Israel faces, which have increased as of late.

Ultimately, the Israeli-Palestinian question is difficult and painful, but it does not pose an existential threat to Israel. It is Iran and its agents to the north that pose an existential danger. An agreement in the Palestinian arena that would be led by the Americans and backed by the majority of Arab states would present the US with the required political climate, regionally and globally, to impose harsher measures on Iran.

The tendency to belittle the power of the incumbent American administration, which is nearing the end of its term in office, is a mistake; the Bush administration is vastly different to ours, and conjectures based on Israeli politics should not be made as to the developments in the American administration.

A president in his last year in office does not resemble a president in his first year; however, his ability to act is still vast. The incumbent president is a true friend who is well aware of the threats and ways to remove them.

Israel must not miss out on his remaining term in office.

  1. Remnant, 29 September, 2007

    So the current Palestinian leadership has good intentions? Dr Salam Fayyad is a terrorist, Mahmoud Abbas, his superior is a terrorist, (The Fatah party was Yasser Arafat’s party. Mr Arafat took over as chairman of the executive committee of the PLO in 1969, a year that Fatah is recorded to have carried out 2,432 guerrilla attacks on Israel.), (The acronym “FATAH” is created from the complete Arabic name: HArakat al-TAhrir al-Watani al-Filastini, becoming “HATAF”, which, since it means “sudden death” in Arabic, was reversed to become “FATAH”. This word (Fatah) is prominently used for the Islamic expansion in the first centuries of Islamic history, and so has strongly positive connotations for Muslims.) the Fatah party today is a terrorist party, Fatah members have refused to disarm. They follow the same Qur’an as the terrorists in Hamas. They are, according to their Qur’an, allowed to lie, sue for peace, and then, when it is to their advantage, break any and all peace treaties etc. and go to war.

    While it is true that Iran, and all the Arab nations poise a huge threat to the safety of Israel. The Idea of a fifth column inside the borders of Israel, is just as distressing and more dangerous than the Quartet, with it’s “road map to nowhere” is willing admit.

    The statement made by Mr.Weisglass that a change has come about in the P.A. and that terror against Israel from Judea and Samaria has diminished significantly is ludicrous. Just because two terrorist organization are infighting does not mean they are not still dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and will unite to pursue that common cause when their agenda fits that purpose.

    As Mr.Weisglass admits, this decrease is “primarily due to Israeli security operations” and Fatah and Hamas “efforts are far from satisfactory”!

    The Bush Administration is hardly an asset, Israel needs to be aware that a lame duck president is just that, and that the two state solution is no solution, but only a precursor to the destruction of Israel.

    The State Department of the United States, the United Nitwits, and the Euro-slime are not friends of Israel.

    The “road map to nowhere” was drafted by “replacement theologist’s” and pursued by those same “theologist’s”. They do not have Israel’s best interests at heart. Sadly peace in the middle east has only been pursued by those who look to add it as an accomplishment to their legacy upon leaving office.

    The only true security Israel has is in The G_d of Abraham and His Covenant and Promises to them.

    We know that Israel will be lulled into a false peace for three and one half years, and then the deception will be exposed. With the giving over of more land and part of Jerusalem for the promise of security and peace. We are seeing Israel in the Last Days!

  2. jen-o, 29 September, 2007

    i read this article, and it sounds like so much gobbily gook to me… i really can’t follow the author’s train of thought (probably due to the underlying assumptions he makes)

    what, with talk of existential threats and existential dangers, this guy sounds highly intellectualized…

    and following this intellectual rhetoric, he talks about a change in the palestinian authority, good intentions, praise-worthy efforts, impressive efforts, fayyad as an intelligent and honest man, abbas as a negotiating partner, the position of abbas as one that negates terror and violence, bush as a true friend, being attentive to the will of the current american administration, etc. etc.

    what, is this guy nuts??

    remnant, can you just imagine these terms being used back in 1969 to describe arafat and the PLO…

    a leopard doesn’t change its spots… and certainly not an organization like fatah…

    the author claims that terror from judea and samaria has decreased… (and what time period is he comparing this to)…

    i dunno, but is israel crying “peace and safety” already??… sure sounds like this author is…

  3. Remnant, 03 October, 2007

    Self-Loathing Terrorists?

    By Julia Gorin

    Recently, NPR reported:

    Angry Hamas supporters took to the streets of Gaza City after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a stinging condemnation of the Islamist movement. Speaking from the Fatah-controlled West Bank, Abbas says there could be no dialogue with the “killers and coup-seekers” who routed Fatah forces from Gaza.

    I think he’s saying something like “I don’t negotiate with terrorists.” So at least we know he doesn’t talk to himself. Of course, that leaves us in the precarious position of negotiating with a man who would refuse to negotiate with himself…

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