Bush’s Baffling Policy Toward Saudi Arabia

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi is a reclusive Saudi octogenarian with a personal fortune of $12 billion and his own Islamic bank with 500 branches in Saudi Arabia and a few more around the Muslim world. According to the CIA, Mr. Rajhi’s organizations have acted as conduits, financiers, and facilitators for a wide variety of Islamic terror groups — from Al Qaeda to Hamas — for about 20 years now.

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring;”
—Luke 21:25

On Thursday, their nefarious activities were detailed in a landmark investigation by the Wall Street Journal. The next day, a front page article in the New York Times focused on more of Saudi Arabia’s wicked activities, quoting senior American officials expressing “frustration with the Saudi government” and accusing it of both “significant efforts to undermine the Iraqi government” and “obstructing a number of other American foreign policy initiatives.”

Then, lo and behold: Over the weekend, the Bush administration announced that it will ask Congress for permission to sell billions of dollars of “advanced satellite-guided bombs, upgrades to its fighters, and new naval vessels” to that very same Saudi Arabia.

Incoherent Middle East policy is an established hallmark of this administration, but continuing to coddle the very same guys who are arming jihadist Islam against the West and around the globe is over the top.

Here is what the world’s intelligence agencies have documented:

• In the past 30 years, Saudi charities, government funds, and the Saudi royal family itself have sent thousands of wild-eyed, bearded, sandaled Saudi jihadists as fodder to wars in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Lebanon, and now Iraq.

• The CIA and British and Iraqi intelligence agencies estimate that a majority of the suicide bombers in Iraq today, as well as 40% of the foreign fighters sneaking in to kill Shiite Iraqis and American troops, are Saudi citizens. No coincidences or “slip-ups” can explain that number. Moreover, a former American ambassador to Kuwait and Jordan, Edward Gnehm says Saudi emissaries are lobbying the oil-rich Sunni ruling families of Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates for funds and fighters in the struggle against Shiites in Iraq.

• The 1987 founding of Hamas — a Palestinian Arab terrorist group that originally was the Gaza wing of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and whose leaders then resided in Saudi Arabia — was overwhelmingly a Saudi-financed project undertaken by Islamic charities, including those of Mr. Rajhi.

• Half the terrorists killed by the Lebanese army in the ongoing siege at the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon, which began in May, have turned out to be Saudi jihadist fighters.

The myth of Saudi Arabia as a stabilizing power, a friend of America, or a bulwark against Islamist radicalism is just a fairy tale concocted by well-paid Saudi lobbyists on K Street in Washington, a group that includes some former senior American officials. The Saudi Arabia we have painfully come to know for the last two decades is a two-headed monster ruled by the alliance of its hallucinating jihadist priesthood and its ruling family’s dilettante princes. The former are on a fanatical mission to proselytize on behalf of radical Islam. The latter see nothing wrong with dropping a few million at roulette tables in Monaco, picking up a few expensive prostitutes on the way to their yachts, then heading to a mosque for dawn prayers on the French Riviera.

Intelligence reports about nefarious Saudi policies have crossed the desks of every American commander in chief since President Reagan, with each administration deciding to overlook them lest “we further alienate the Saudi royal family.” Americans will recall how President Bush personally intervened to allow scores of Osama bin Laden’s relatives to be flown out of America barely a day after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A great deal of intelligence about what the Saudis might have been up to both then and before the attacks was lost as it was spirited away in the middle of the night.

“Collaborating with the enemy” may be too strong an accusation to place upon the commander in chief, but continuing to view Saudis as friends is part of Mr. Bush’s unbridled naïveté. To be sure, if we cease protecting those royals, the next regime in Saudi Arabia will be a basket case, too. But at least we can decide to fight it with everything we have, without any confusion about its true nature.

  1. jen-o, 31 July, 2007

    another stunning and accurate analysis!

    what on earth is bush thinking??

    i am frustrated beyond measure, perplexed, dumbfounded by the current (as well as past) administration’s willful neglect of the SAUDI problem!

  2. Tim Sweeney, 31 July, 2007

    So, Bush, Condi, and Gates seem to think that Saudi Arabia will take the place of Saddam Hussein as Iran’s main check to power now that they made what well may be the biggest military blunder in history by invading Iraq? Had we left Saddam in power Iran may have fought Iraq for the next 200 years and America would have been far richer sitting on the sidelines. When you read reasons why this is all for the best one of the caveats is that only “Western” pilots will fly the new Saudi Jets. What exactly is a “Western” pilot in Saudi Arabia? Does anyone remember the planeload of Saudi pilots we trained that crash-landed their airplane with the crazed Saudi at the controls screaming “Allah Akbhar” as he took the plane down? Does anyone remember the last batch of fighter jets we sold the Sauds with one restriction being they were not to based near Israel, a restriction they non-cholantly violated and now we want to really load them up with the means and ability to attack Israel or US interests in the Gulf? What exactly do we get in return? An ally? A friend? Lower oil prices? Less fule from the Saudis for the Jihadi fire? Even a token forgiveness of part of the Iraq debt to Saudi Arabia? Nope, if you checked none of the above you were right. Personally, I like Bush, but I also have the feeling that no matter who is President and no matter what they do, we are all being drawn into this conflict by spiritual forces that are unresistable by even the strongest of humans.

  3. Linda, 01 August, 2007

    Mr. Sweeney,
    Your very last sentence sent chills up my spine….
    That’s why we must pray for whoever is in office for G-D’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  4. the merry widow, 01 August, 2007

    Linda-It is, read Ezekiel 38, Matthew 24 and all of Revelation. We are fast approaching the “valley of decision”.
    Bush and his father have been cosy with the saudis, so has Carter, bet if there was an audit done, it would be very revealing! Carter we know is joinned at the wallet to the saudis since the bank scandal.
    Time to get your houses in order, folks.


  5. Lance Gilman, 01 August, 2007

    What is that old saying?
    “Keep your friends close, but, your enemies closer”.
    It’s just ridiculous!

    I have a better idea:

    Why don’t we just go back to the old way of doing things.
    When your army invades another country and you take over – then you should just take over! It’ is now your country to enforce whatever laws you want.

    Take the all the oil! Put gas at about $.99 / gallon again. NICE!
    It would cost me about $25. to fill up my truck! oil revenues can help pay for a national health care plan for all US citizens and the new Iraqi Americans too. And build some incredible schools.
    Put McDonalds and Taco bell there and a Baghdad In-N-Out!
    And you can’t forget Starbucks and a Trump tower overlooking the Euphrates. Maybe start the AFL – Arab Football League.
    I say this is a much better plan.

    They can all vote in American elections too. Freedom of religion. A constitution that has been working for a couple hundred years. Not bad!
    I mean we fought(and Died) for the land right? Spending billion$ to re-build it. I say it’s ours. We can ship all illegal aliens caught in the US there as a way to earn their citizenship since they could not wait patiently like some folks do. They can re-build it with cheap labor.

    Talk about establishing democracy in the middle-east. Cha Ching!
    Israel will back it 110% . And the 1 million+ Iraqis that fled the country can come home. Bring the Palestinians too. There will be plenty of condos for sale.

    No weapons sold to anybody, instead we set them up at the borders and let them all know there is a new sherriff in town! Giddy up camels!


  6. Lance Gilman, 01 August, 2007

    Also, I heard a great message about loving the brethren today on CSN.

    We do not have a choice of who our brothers and sisters in Christ are.
    It is God’s choice to call us/them his own and to us all as he desires. We often times face difficulty loving someone because of decisions they make or their personality even. We must always remember God is “OUR” Father and if he can love a person with an everlasting love…then, so can we.

    I say this because none of us can agree that we support every decision made by Bush. He has made mistakes. Just like I do. At times it’s hard to like some people wouldn’t you agree?
    I do believe him when he says with conviction that he knows God brought him to the Presidency for a purpose. For all we know God is using him in these last days to bring it all together.

    Great wisdom Tim about the spiritual forces at work,
    I agree with you brother. The problems are so perplexing to every nation.

    Come LORD Jesus!

  7. nanc, 02 August, 2007

    preach it, lance!

    great comments, all.

  8. Tim Sweeney, 02 August, 2007

    I agree with Lance I think most Iraq’ies would be a lot happier wearing an Exxon uniform and going to a real job everyday. Of course, political correctness dictates that we can’t just take their oil we have to let them all bleed to death instead. each day I am more confused by the way the world operates now.

  9. Scott L., 02 August, 2007


    I couldn’t have said it any better. Bless you my friend.

    We are dying for it, we are rebuilding it, and our tax money is supporting it. So why not plant our flag on it!!. And yes, let the iraqis bring the palestinians back with them and let them set up their state in that vast amount of land.


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