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Report: Dozens of Hezbollah militants ‘accidentally’ killed in chemical attack

A poster shows Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lebanese Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah near Latakia city in 2014. (photo credit:REUTERS) Diplomatic… 0

Apocalypse Damascus: Bombed-out houses and rubble for as far as the eye can see… this shattered landscape is all that remains of one suburb in Syria’s capital

With rows of crumbling buildings stretching to the horizon and not a soul in sight, these apocalyptic scenes reveal the shocking legacy of… 1

Iran and Syria use Hizbollah to seize influence over Lebanon

Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s acting foreign minister, arrives in Damascus on Sunday for talks with Syrian officials Photo: REUTERS Iran and Syria moved… 0

A resurgent Syria alarms U.S., Israel

BEIRUT — Syria’s fresh interference in Lebanon and its increasingly sophisticated weapons shipments to Hezbollah have alarmed American officials and prompted Israel’s military… 0

Bonfire of the Cedars

Lebanonís problems are made in Tehran.

Israel’s Border With Iran

Israel has known for years that it has a de facto border with Iran, notwithstanding that the Islamic Republic lies 1,000 miles to… 0

Hizbullah Planning to Take Over Lebanon?

Hizbullah and Iran now have a common interest in escalating tensions in the Middle East: Hizbullah, with the help of Iran, may be… 1

Satellite images reveal: Hezbollah training in Syria missile base

Google Earth photos reveal Scuds at base near Damascus.

Syria reportedly signs pact with Hizbullah

Iranian official: Teheran will hit Dimona if attacked

Lebanon: We’ll reject U.S. military aid if weapons can’t be used against Israel

U.S. says nothing it does is condition-free and that it places similar conditions on Israel in terms of assistance it provides.

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