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How to Slow Climate Change With a Fake Volcano

There’s a cheap, quick, dirty, and controversial way to combat global warming that isn’t on the agenda of the United Nations climate summit… 1

Mars astronauts could develop dementia on journey to Red Planet

Dangerous space radiation could mean astronauts develop dementia before ever setting foot on Mars Opposition of Science “For he doth not afflict willingly… 2

Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population

In a recent TED conference presentation, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to new vaccine efforts, speaks… 2

God did not create the universe, says Hawking

AFP/File God no longer has any place in theories on the creation of the Universe due to a series of developments … 4

Knoxville Father Wants Biology Book Banned

UPDATE: The school board has decided to postpone any decision on the textbook until May. A Tennessee father told his sons school board… 0

CERN scientists closer to understanding Big Bang

(Reuters) – Scientists smashed sub-atomic particles into each other with record energy on Tuesday, aiming to recreate conditions just after the Big Bang… 1

Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

Methane is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a global warming gas Direct emissions of methane from cows and pigs is… 5

A particle God doesnt want us to discover

Could the Large Hadron Collider be sabotaging itself from the future, as some physicists say

House passes climate-change bill

The House of Representatives passed a sweeping climate-change bill Friday a major victory for President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… 5

“MISSING LINK” FOUND: New Fossil Links Humans, Lemurs?

May 19, 2009Meet “Ida,” the small “missing link” found in Germany that’s created a big media splash and will likely continue to make… 5

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