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To view popup window put your cursor on the blue words Days of Noah “But as the days of Noe were, so shall… 0

How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen

Source: Patriot Post Submitted By: Lawerence D Those in power see people at the bottom as aliens whose bizarre emotions they must try… 2

FBI agents signed NDA for matters involving Hillary’s emails

Source: NY Post Hillary Clinton Photo: Reuters “FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton… 0

Obama Administration Forces California Churches to Pay for Abortions

Source: Life News Churches in California are officially subject to an onerous state regulation that requires them to pay for abortions, thanks to… 7

‘This is 100% a step toward an Iron Curtain.’ Russia weighs anti-terrorism law criticized as draconian

Source: LA Times Submitted By: Randolph W The Russian State Duma, the lower chamber of parliament, has passed an anti-terrorism measure that many… 0

Regulators Reject ‘Living Wills’ of Five Big U.S. Banks

Source: WSJ Federal Reserve building in Washington, D.C. PHOTO: REUTERS Fed, FDIC rebuke bankruptcy plans of J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America,… 0

Record 499 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US So Far in May Includes No Christians

Source: CNS News A total of 499 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the U.S. so far this month – the largest single… 1

Boris Johnson suggests ‘part-Kenyan’ Obama may have ‘ancestral dislike’ of UK

The Mayor of London attacked the president for endorsing the UK’s position in the EU Wars and Rumors of Wars “For nation•Strongs 1484:… 2

The ‘Obama is a Muslim’ conspiracy theory is still reverberating in the Middle East

President Obama speaks at American University’s School of International Service in Washington on Aug. 5, 2015. (Pete Marovich/Bloomberg News) When Barack Obama stepped… 2

Europe’s Jews are ‘living in fear’, warns head of EU parliament

Martin Schulz says it is “unacceptable” that Jewish people are afraid to wear religious garments in the street Israel in the Last Days… 0

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