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Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles

Source: Washington Examiner Half of Americans who have left their church no longer believe in God, leading a surge of nearly one quarter… 1

Televangelist Paula White Hawks ‘Resurrection Life’ for $1,144 ‘Seed’

Christian Post Paula White, senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center and Without Walls International Church, attends the 35th Anniversary Celebration for Bishop… 3

Pope Francis Says Weapons Manufacturers Shouldn’t Call Themselves Christians

Pope Francis attends the Pentecost Celebration at St. Peter’s Basilica on May 24, 2015. Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images Pope Francis, who’s been espousing… 2

Meet the Muslim Mystic Pope Francis Cited in His Encyclical

He lived in the ninth century To view popup window put your cursor on the blue words False Proplets “Beware of false prophets,… 2

Court rules that film on Jesus tomb, marriage to Mary Magdalene was not a fraud

Court Grants massive defamation award to filmmaker Jacobovici against critic; Judge leaves question of truth to academia. To view popup window put your… 3

Pope Francis praises Iran deal in Easter peace wish

April 5, 2015: Pope Francis, left, is framed by umbrellas as he celebrates the Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square at the the… 2

Seattle megachurch Mars Hill to disband amid controversy

Mars Hill is disbanding all of its branches after months of controversy, the church announced Friday. False Prophets “Beloved, believe not every spirit,… 4

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