September, 2016

When Information Storage Gets Under Your Skin

Source: WSJ Tiny implants can replace keys, store business cards and medical data—and eventually a lot more To view popup window put your… 3

Dore Gold: Archaeology is best defense of Jewish connection to Jerusalem

Source: Jerusalem Post An aerial view of the excavation site overseen by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology. (photo credit:COURTESY OF… 2

Global condemnation for North Korea nuclear test, sanctions threatened

Source: Reuters North Korea conducted its fifth and biggest nuclear test on Friday and said it had mastered the ability to mount a… 2

Netanyahu: Palestinian leaders demand future state ethnically cleansed of Jews

Source: Jerusalem Post Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has stated previously that no Israeli settlers or border forces could remain in a future… 0

UN Report on Failed Gaza, PA Governments: It’s All Israel’s Fault

Source: Jewish Press “A prominent element of Israel’s restrictions on Palestinian productive activities is the dual-use list, which prohibits the importation of civilian… 1

Aerial Spraying for Zika Stirs Controversy in Miami Beach

Source: NBC News Miami Beach city leaders are at odds with a scheduled aerial spraying of the insecticide Naled over a 1.5-square-mile infection… 0

Jack Ma: Wars start when trade stops

Source: CNN Jack Ma has a warning for those who see globalization as a problem: When trade stops, wars can follow. To view… 1

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