May, 2015

‘Gay’ Activist’s Call for Churches to Be Forced to Take Homosexuality Off ‘Sin List’ Draws Concerns

Mitchell Gold is the founder of Faith in America, an organization that aims to “end the harm to LGBT youth and families from… 1

Leader of al Qaeda Syria wing says aims to take Damascus – TV

BEIRUT – The leader of al Qaeda’s Syria wing said his group was focused on capturing Damascus and warned members of the country’s… 0

Security and Defense: Israel closely eying the Syrian situation

Members of the Kfir Infantry Brigade on combat training maneuvers in the Golan Heights recently. (photo credit:IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT) Senior defense sources discuss… 0

Church of England to consider ‘transgender baptism’ service

The proposal is in the form of a diocesan motion to the General Synod. A “transgender baptism” service is to be considered by… 0

Where the River Runs Dry

Lake Mead, which forms the border between Nevada and Arizona, thirty miles from Las Vegas. The lake is fed by the Colorado and… 0

Senate passes ‘fast track’ trade promotion bill

After weeks of tense negotiations on Capitol Hill and heavy lobbying from the White House, the Senate Friday night cleared a major trade… 0

Rubio: ‘Real and present danger’ that Christianity will be labeled ‘hate speech’

Christianity is facing a “real and present danger” in the United States due to growing acceptance for gay marriage, Republican presidential hopeful Sen…. 0

Muslim world reacts to Obama’s latest speech – IPhoneConservative

To view popup window put your cursor on the blue words Perplexity “…upon the earth distress•Strongs 4928: sunoche, soon-okh-ay´; from 4912; restraint, i.e…. 4

HSBC fears world recession with no lifeboats left

Photo: ALAMY The world authorities have run out of ammunition as rates remain stuck at zero. They have no margin for error as… 1

Governor Issues Executive Order Regarding ‘Gay Marriage’ That Has Liberals Furious

Image credit: Andrew Cline / He is being criticized for doing precisely what Obama did with the issue of immigration. To view… 1

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