March, 2011

Dozens of Syrians reported killed in Daraa

Violent protests erupted Friday in Syria, with dozens of people people killed in and around the restive city of Daraa and a boy… 0

‘Gadhafi Is Facing a Coalition of the Unwilling’

NATO is split over whether it should take over command of the coalition military operation against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. German commentators warn… 1

Apple under fire for ‘gay conversion’ app

Apple has come under fire for approving an “app” that offers guidance on how homosexual people can be “cured” and convert to heterosexuality.

Legislator says the state needs its own currency

RALEIGH — Cautioning that the federal dollars in your wallet could soon be little more than green paper backed by broken promises, state… 0

Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference in Fargo ND

Today (The Irish Day) we are attending and speaking at the Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference in Fargo ND. Live Web Cast… 2

US backing for world currency stuns markets

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner shocked global markets by revealing that Washington is “quite open” to Chinese proposals for the gradual development of… 5

‘There Is Nothing Left’

MINAMISANRIKU, Miyagi Prefecture—When a giant tsunami of more than 10 meters high crashed into the shores of this quiet fishing village Friday, hundreds,… 0

Japan braces for potential radiation catastrophe

Japan faced a potential catastrophe Tuesday after a quake-crippled nuclear power plant exploded and sent low levels of radiation floating toward Tokyo, prompting… 1

If Market Keeps Falling, Fed Will Keep Printing: ‘Dr. Doom’

Falling stock prices will be met only with more money injections from the Federal Reserve, Marc Faber, the so-called “Dr. Doom,” told CNBC.

Decline of honey bees now a global phenomenon, says United Nations

The mysterious collapse of honey-bee colonies is becoming a global phenomenon, scientists working for the United Nations have revealed.

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