September, 2010

Currency Wrapped in a Riddle

Discussing the yuan’s valuation, with Jim Rickards, Omnis sr. managing director. (

‘Tonight, we are returning this decree to the trash bin’

Likud MK Dannon asks settlers’ forgiveness for treatment like “second class citizens,” as building freeze ends

Credit Unions Bailed Out

U.S. Backs $30 Billion in Bonds to Stabilize Key Institutions; Subprime Legacy

Peace talks deadlocked as settlement freeze set to expire

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaking at the UN General Assembly, Sept. 25, 2010 Photo by: AP American negotiators holding intense discussions with Israelis… 0

Captain’s Release Sparks Furor in Japan

Tensions between Japan and China continued to simmer even after Japan bowed to Beijing’s demands to release a detained Chinese fishing-boat captain, suggesting… 0

On the Secret Committee to Save the Euro, a Dangerous Divide

BRUSSELS—Two months after Lehman Brothers collapsed in the fall of 2008, a small group of European leaders set up a secret task force—one… 0


They’re everywhere (

Jordan’s king warns of war by year’s end

In Daily Show interview, Abdullah says if issue of settlement construction freeze is not resolved, violent conflict could break out by end of… 0

Italy seizes huge explosives cache

Anti-mafia police in Italy discover seven tonnes of RDX explosives in a shipment believed to be from Iran to Syria.

Examiner Editorial: Obamacare is even worse than critics thought

Much more has been revealed about Obamacare since President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi pushed the bill on Americans six months ago…. 3

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