July, 2010

Ahmadinejad says expects U.S. to attack MidEast soon

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran expects the United States to launch a military strike on “at least two countries” in the Middle East in… 0

Watching for Ripple Effects as Sanctions Nip at Iran

A small but intriguing news nugget emerged from the world of international shipping this week, one saying something much larger about the effort… 0

Turkey throws sanctions lifeline to Iran

Turkey could emerge as a new safety net for Iranian business as the government insists that it will abide by UN sanctions but… 0

Ex-CIA chief: Strike on Iran seems more likely now

WASHINGTON — A former CIA director says military action against Iran now seems more likely because no matter what the U.S. does diplomatically,… 0

Cities View Homesteads as a Source of Income

Kevin Moloney for The New York Times A cabin at the Homestead National Monument of America near Beatrice, Neb. BEATRICE, Neb. — Give… 0

Rising Speculation About Bombing Iran’s Nukes

Two non-hawks say Obama might bomb Iran

Campaign branding Tel Aviv gay destination underway

Initiative launched in England, Germany aims to encourage members of gay and lesbian community to vacation in Israeli city

California city approves marijuana farming

The city of Oakland, California on Tuesday legalized large-scale marijuana cultivation for medical use and will issue up to four permits for “industrial”… 2

Obama’s turnabout

President Barack Obama’s campaign of wooing Israel reflects a fundamental about-face in U.S. policy in the Middle East. U.S. priorities have changed: At… 0

Wilsey Kansas Youth Revival Crusade

Pastor Huck Kusner painting for the Lord We have been in Wilsey Kansas for the past 5 days. Actually, 2.5 days traveling and… 9

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