June, 2010


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Oldest known images of apostles found

The oldest known image of the apostles Andrew and John have been discovered in catacombs under the city of Rome, dating back to… 1

Venezuela govt to nationalize 11 US-owned oil rigs

Venezuela’s legislature has voted to nationalize 11 oil rigs owned by the US firm Helmerich & Payne.

Still the optimist

Photo by: Associated Press Tony Blair, after mediating Israel’s new Gaza import policies, is marking three years as Quartet peace envoy.

Strikes hit Greece and Spain as ECB deadline looms

Strikes in Greece and Spain highlighted resistance to Europe-wide austerity measures on Tuesday as the euro and shares tumbled ahead of a deadline… 0

4 in 10 Americans Expect Jesus to Return by 2050

About four in ten Americans say they expect Jesus Christ to return within the next 40 years, according to a recent national survey… 3

Church Tries to Be More Inclusive

This could be called the church of “The Powerless Cross-less Christianity.” —ITD Editor (

The danger of an Islamized Gaza

Between the Israeli blockade and the capricious imprisonments, torture and arrests for ‘morality offenses’ by Hamas police, the people of Gaza are prisoners… 0

Silwan violence reaches new heights

Dozens hurt; sources say Barkat determined to go through with plan.

Supreme Court rules that all Americans have fundamental right to bear arms

The Supreme Court ruled for the first time Monday that the Second Amendment provides all Americans a fundamental right to bear arms, a… 0

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