June, 2009

Obama says coup in Honduras is illegal


Chavez slams Honduras ‘coup’, urges Obama to speak out

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced Sunday’s “coup” in Honduras and urged US President Barack Obama to speak out about the military takeover in… 1

Secretary: Soldiers arrest Honduran president

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – More than a dozen soldiers arrested President Manuel Zelaya and disarmed his security guards after surrounding his residence before dawn… 0

U.S. beef recall expanded, 18 illnesses suspected

CHICAGO – A Colorado meat company is expanding a recall of beef due to possible contamination by E.coli O157:H7 bacteria after an investigation… 0

US passes million swine flu cases

Tall hurdles in race for a swine-flu vaccine — Authorities will demand thorough testing after spike in Guillain Barré syndrome seen in the… 4

For sale on eBay: Obama’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’

eBay offer for Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate Seller claims Mombasa document ‘certified copy’

Child molester’s dream come true

Exclusive: Olivia St. John explains how hate-crimes laws may benefit pedophiles

House passes climate-change bill

The House of Representatives passed a sweeping climate-change bill Friday – a major victory for President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… 5

Mounting Jobless Claims Force States To Borrow Funds

The government checks keeping Candy Czernicki afloat are fast running out. The reason? U.S. states obligated to pay benefits to the swelling ranks… 0

U.S. Stocks Drop as Savings Rate Hits 15-Year High, Oil Falls

The dollar dropped after China’s central bank reiterated a call for a worldwide currency.

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