September, 2008

Brief History Of The Golan Heights

Israeli tanks take part in a training exercise near Gadot in the Golan Heights.

Russia-Syria cooperation no threat to Mideast stability – Lavrov

NEW YORK, September 29 (RIA Novosti) – The military and technical ties between Russia and Syria do not pose a threat to the… 0

Olmert: Israel should quit most occupied land

Livni and Olmert toast the new year Photo: Alex Kolomoisky ‘We should withdraw from almost all of the territories, including in east Jerusalem… 0

Bailout marks Karl Marx’s comeback

Marx’s Proposal Number Five seems to be the leading motivation for those backing the Wall Street bailout

Commentary: Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer

Economist Jeffrey Miron says the bailout plan presented to Congress was the wrong solution to the crisis CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (CNN) — Congress has… 3

Rosh Hashanah, the world’s birthday

Orthodox Jews praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, before the start of Rosh Hashanah on Monday evening. (AP) The Jewish… 0

Grid of 100,000 computers heralds new internet dawn

A network of supercomputers called the Grid will allow information to be downloaded quicker than ever. Tasks that took hours will now take… 0

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint

Carbon Diem’s mobile phone carbon calculator

Young Iranians Release Book Caricaturing The Holocaust

TEHRAN, Sept. 27 — Iranian students have released a book containing cartoons of the Holocaust, including some depicting hospitalized Jews on respiratory machines… 2

A threat bigger than Wall St

IRAN is a problem from hell. The next US president, be it Barack Obama or John McCain, is going to have plenty to… 6

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