June, 2008

‘Religion in private’ OK, declares ACLU

New limits on Christians leave family groups reeling Colorado’s new state law that critics say criminalizes expressing biblical beliefs regarding homosexuality is scaring… 5

Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Donald Rumsfeld

George W. Bush’s choice of Donald Rumsfeld to be U.S. defense secretary could put an unintended spotlight on the role of the Rev…. 3

Barclays warns of a financial storm as Federal Reserve’s credibility crumbles

US central bank accused of unleashing an inflation shock that will rock financial markets, reports Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Oil reaches $142 on view dollar will keep falling

Oil prices set new record above $142 a barrel as investors flock to commodities

Presbyterians Urged To Side With Palestinians

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Presbyterian Church is hearing impassioned pleas to declare its solidarity with the Palestinian Arabs by adopting a series… 7

Google Earth: A New Platform for Anti-Israel Propaganda

Virtual Israel, as represented by Google Earth, is littered with orange dots, many of which claim to represent “Palestinian localities evacuated and destroyed… 2

Police Union Standing By Mexican Militia Reports

Police documents show that at least one of the suspects involved in a home invasion and homicide were active members of the Mexican… 1

Oil jumps above $140 on OPEC, Libya comments

NEW YORK (AP) – Oil futures shot above $140 Thursday after OPEC’s president said oil prices could rise well above $150 a barrel… 0

Fed Happy To Do Nothing

While the rest of the world is gearing up to fight inflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve seems sidelined by the puny American economy.

Heinz pulls mayonnaise ad over gay kiss furore

ITD won’t embed a video as disgusting as this but it is on Youtube for viewing The trial ballon didn’t fly, yet —ITD… 11

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