May, 2008

Middle East, the next seven months

I was attending a couple of sessions at the Soref Symposium of the Washington Institute. Such events an opportunity for hearing some thoughtful… 1

Colorado governor okays open bathrooms

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has signed a bill that has shocked many of the state’s residents.

Timeline: Six state supreme courts gay marriage decisions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Six state supreme courts within the past five years have ruled on the issue of gay marriage. Following is a… 3

Gay marriage ‘earthquake’ in ’08?

A leading evangelical Christian group is telling supporters that a “cultural earthquake” rocked California earlier this month, which threatens “to permanently alter marriage… 2

Avastin plus chemo better without Erbitux

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Colon cancer patients treated with Genentech Inc’s Avastin and chemotherapy lived longer without their disease getting worse than those who… 0

Ford’s ‘Global Car’ To Roll Out in Mexico

Small, Efficient Auto Designed to Be Sold Anywhere

High noon in the Middle East

A hitherto latent rivalry between Iran and Israel has been transformed into an open struggle for dominance in the Middle East. The result… 2

Exclusive: Iran in Secret Talks With al Qaeda, U.S. Officials Say

Senior U.S. officials tell ABC News that in recent months there have been secret contacts between the Iranian government and the leadership of… 0

‘Gay’ marriage ruling to spark lawsuits nationwide

The ruling from California’s Supreme Court that allowed same-sex marriage will spark a flood of lawsuits across the nation by homosexuals demanding recognition… 2

The Aftershocks of Gay Marriage

Journalists often talk about whether a story has “legs.” Whether it has the ability to walk forward and affect events weeks or months… 4

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