January, 2008

Apparently Under Attack—But Still Getting A Few Articles Online

Our sites, Inthedays.com, Godlyconferences.com and Radiofreechurch.com, have been up and down and or are very slow due to an apparent attack on our… 3

Egypt-Hamas Tensions Rise Over Border

A Palestinian Hamas security officer holds his gun as he directs traffic on the Egyptian side of the border between Gaza and Egypt,… 1

Shas MK: Gays are causing Israeli society to self-destruct

As a Knesset panel deliberated Tuesday on proposals to ban all gay pride parades in Jerusalem, MK Nissim Ze’ev (Shas) accused the homosexual… 1

Iran Receives Last Nuclear Fuel Shipment

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran received the final shipment of uranium fuel from Russia on Monday for its first nuclear plant, state media reported,… 1

In a World Short Of Oil, Provisions Must Be Made

Mr. Wissner of Middleville Stocks Up on Rice, Gold; No Faith in a ‘Techno Fix’

‘Sinjar list’ – a glimpse into Al Qaeda in Iraq

About 66.3 percent are listed as ‘martyrs’ and suicide bombers in the list

Bush decries Lebanon assassination

WASHINGTON — President Bush on Saturday bemoaned the latest assassination of a Lebanese official and told Syria and Iran to “end their interference”… 0

Cannabis Machine Hits L.A.

A vending machine for medical marijuana and other prescriptions is making its debut in Los Angeles. Soon the cannabis dispensers will be available… 0

Open Border with Egypt Allows Free Flow of Terrorists and Weapons into Gaza

Crowds crossing the border into Egyptian territory through one of the breaches in the fence (Suhib Salem for Reuters, January 23).

Israel Says It Wants No Ties With Gaza

An Egyptian riot police officer stands guard as Palestinians walk and ride horse and donkey carts between Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip… 0

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