December, 2007

Demographic report: Israel has 7.2 m. residents

A crowd of Israelis in a rally. Israel in 2007 is a country of some 7.2 million residents. Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

Israel: No Peace Until Militants Stopped

A Palestinian man walks with a donkey with the Dome of the Rock Mosque in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in the background,… 0

France to boycott Syria over Lebanon crisis

CAIRO (AFP) – France will have no more contact with Syria until Damascus shows willingness to let Lebanon end its long-running political crisis… 0

Israel says finds explosive chemicals in EU aid bags

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said on Saturday it had recently seized a truck carrying chemicals used to make explosives hidden in bags marked… 1

LA gang F13 accused of targeting blacks

LOS ANGELES – In a murderous quest aimed at “cleansing” their turf of snitches and rival gangsters, members of one of Los Angeles… 0

Program allows Jews to give immigration a chance

The Jewish Agency will introduce a “trial immigration” program to Jews from abroad, as part of a broader strategy to make the move… 0

Bin Laden Issues Warning on Iraq, Israel

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Osama bin Laden warned Iraq’s Sunni Arabs against fighting al-Qaida and vowed to expand the terror group’s holy war… 7

Sarkozy, in Egypt, offers French nuclear assistance to Cairo

France stands ready to help Egypt develop civilian nuclear technology, French President Nicolas Sarkozy told an Egyptian newspaper ahead of meetings in Egypt… 0

Uruguayan president signs law legalizing gay couples

MONTEVIDEO, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) – Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez on Thursday signed a law that legalizes civil unions for homosexual couples, which is… 3

Bhutto’s Party Rejects Al-Qaeda Claim as Riots Spread

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — The Pakistan Peoples Party rejected government claims that a Taliban commander linked to al-Qaeda was behind the assassination of… 0

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