October, 2007

Secret move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans

The US is secretly upgrading special stealth bomber hangars on the British island protectorate of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation… 0

Worldwide backlash hits biofuels

Department of Natural Resources environmental specialist Glenn Carper, right, conducts an air-quality inspection on May 1, 2007, at the Cargill’s biodiesel plant in… 3

Israel Cuts Fuel Supplies to Gaza Strip

Israel Begins Cuts in Fuel Supplies to Gaza Strip, in Response to Months of Rocket Attacks

City hall accuses Christians of politics—Honors Buddha but fights back against faithful

One of the religious Buddhist cloth paintings displayed in Bloomington city hall

Holy dispute

& A view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Residents wary of a land grant

JERUSALEM — Signals that Israel may be willing to cede parts of Jerusalem to a new Palestinian state are prompting soul-searching among the… 3

Photos Show Cleansing of Suspect Syrian Site

Satellite imagery of a facility in Syria collected on August 10, 2007, left, and October 24.

Gold Surges As Oil Hits Record Over $92

Gold, Silver Prices Climb As Oil Reaches Record Level, U.S. Dollar Loses Ground to Euro

U.S. “undoubtedly in recession”: Jim Rogers

LONDON (Reuters) – The United States has entered a recession, according to highly-regarded investor Jim Rogers, who told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper on… 0

‘Humanity’s very survival’ is at risk, says UN

(Mike Agliolo/Science Photo Library) A computer enhanced image of earth from space at sunset

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