September, 2007

Mountain Temple Center offers something for everyone

KEEPING FAITH: High Magus Michael J. Crowley leads a pagan ritual before the fall equinox at Mountain Temple Center in Phoenix.

Syria’s Strategic Weapons Programs

The September 6 Israeli airstrike in northeastern Syria has produced intense speculation. According to the New York Times, Israeli intelligence believes the target… 0

Syria Joins the Axis of Evil

The six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program are set to resume on Sept. 27 in Beijing. Since the last session, a… 0

Radical Islam, Not Israel, Is Palestinians’ Main Problem –

A convenient partner Current Palestinian leadership has good intentions; we should seize opportunity

Iranian Opposition Group Claims Iran Building Secret Underground Nuclear Facility

An Iranian opposition group says the Iranian government is building a secret underground military nuclear facility near its existing complex at Natanz in… 0

Democratic Candidates Say They’re OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Prince Fairy Tale

A fairy tale about two princes falling in love sparked a backlash and a lawsuit against a teacher and a school… 11

No more cat-and-mouse games

Help us stop Lebanon’s pro-Syrian opposition from sabotaging our national aim of full sovereignty.

A ‘gay’ guide to GOP candidates

Salon magazine recently performed a public service for homosexuals publishing a thorough “gay” guide to the GOP presidential candidates.

U.S. rejects Ahmadinejad comment on nuclear program

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The United States rejected on Wednesday Iran’s claim that its nuclear program is a “closed” matter and said it… 0

A Must Visit

The website of the City of David-Ancient Jerusalem (Ir David) was named one of the best eight websites online for 2007, winning first… 1

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