July, 2007

Rice, Gates meet Saudi King amid Iraq concerns

US President George W. Bush’s top diplomat and defense chief held talks with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Tuesday amid concerns in Washington that… 7

Cambodia bans door-to-door evangelism

Allows religious literature only inside church buildings

Another 200 Jews Arrive Home

(IsraelNN.com) Another 200 new immigrants to Israel have come home from North America, landing on their new/old home turf in Ben Gurion International… 1

Bush’s Baffling Policy Toward Saudi Arabia

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi is a reclusive Saudi octogenarian with a personal fortune of $12 billion and his own Islamic bank with 500 branches in… 9

Our World: America’s best friends

Two major arms sales were announced over the weekend. First, the US announced that it is planning to sell Saudi Arabia $20 billion… 8

UK to begin recording anti-Semitism a hate crime

British police will begin recording anti-Semitic crimes as racist attacks starting next year. The government also pledged additional funds to monitor anti-Semitic incidents… 0

Coffee may prevent skin cancer

NEW YORK: US scientists have said the combination of daily exercise and a cup of coffee may prevent skin cancers.

Taliban threat to kill hostages after second dies

A second South Korean hostage was on Tuesday confirmed shot dead by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

UK Hotels Must Switch to Single Rooms Only or Allow Homosexual Sex on Premises

LONDON, July 30, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In conflicts over same-sex couples staying in hotels run by religious believers, it is up to the… 0

Hamas to Show an Improved Hand

Organization Aims to Capitalize On Intelligence Gains From Gaza Takeover

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