May, 2007

Tehran’s Secret ‘Department 9000’

June 4, 2007 issue – President Bush said last week he expects a “bloody” summer in Iraq. What he didn’t say is that… 0

Jihadists moving into Lebanon from Syria

NAHR EL-BARED, Lebanon — Heavily armed foreign jihadists have been entering Lebanon from Syria from around the time Western authorities noticed a drop… 0

Four more breast cancer genes found

Four more genes that play a role in breast cancer have been uncovered by an international team of scientists.

Breakthrough in cancer screening

A revolution in cancer screening and treatment within 15 years is heralded today with the announcement of a leap in the ability to… 0

California State Senate Passes Transsexual-Bisexual-Homosexual Curriculum Bill

SB 777 turns “every government school into a sexual indoctrination center”

Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health

A new health scare erupted over soft drinks last night amid evidence they may cause serious cell damage. Research from a British university… 1

Ten-day `Queer` homosexual film fest in Delhi

New Delhi, May 26: A ten-day long festival for gays began in the capital on Saturday.

Police Approve Gay March in Jerusalem

( A half-year has passed, and traditional elements in Jerusalem are gearing up for another fight against yet another homosexual parade in the… 0

Romney Supports Tolerance for Gays, But Not Public Servants Who Speak Against Homosexuality

JACKSONVILLE, Florida, May 25, 2007 ( Officials running for public office should not discuss personal beliefs about morality says Republican presidential candidate… 1

Pentagon details China’s new military strategies

The Pentagon’s forthcoming annual report on Chinese military power will reveal a growing threat from Beijing’s new forms of power projection, including anti-satellite… 0

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