March, 2007

White House objects to Pelosi’s Syria visit

The leader of the US House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in coming days will visit Syria, a country President George W. Bush… 5

First Temple wall found in City of David

A wall from the First Temple was recently uncovered in Jerusalem’s City of David, strengthening the claim that it is the site of… 3

U.S. demands Syria release political prisoners

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Thursday harshly criticized Syria for arbitrarily arresting political opponents and called on it to free four… 0

Arab allies condemn U.S. at summit in Saudi Arabia

One leader decries the ‘illegitimate’ occupation of Iraq, and another calls Israeli-Palestinian peace talks unfair.RIYADH,

San Diego’s Gay Agenda Targets Youth — There’s a battle going on to win the nation’s kids to homosexuality, and James Hartline has stepped into the frontlines to… 42

FDA OKs Prostate Cancer Drug

A new immune system treatment for advanced prostate cancer is safe and effective enough to begin U.S. sales, a panel of FDA advisors… 0

‘Arrow can fully protect against Iran’

Recent modifications made to the Arrow enable Israel’s ballistic missile defense system to successfully intercept and destroy any ballistic missile in the Middle… 0

Israel’s Conservative seminary says no to homosexual students

Gay and lesbian students will not be admitted to Jerusalem’s Schechter Rabbinical Seminary, the rabbinical school of the Conservative (Masorti) Movement in Israel,… 0

At Summit, Syria Reconciles with Saudi Arabia; Egypt to Present Outreach Initiative for Improving Syria’s Relations with Other Arab Countries

Syria (Shem – Sunni Islam) has been aligned with Iran (Japheth – Shia Islam). Eqypt (Ham – Sunni and Shia) is aligned with… 0

Times have changed

Show of power at king’s palace reflects growing Saudi influence in region

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