September, 2006

The Region: Stay away from Syria

Why is the West so eager to appease the current state sponsor of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida?

The new anti-Semitism

Hating Jews, on racial as well as religious grounds, is as old as the Roman destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Later… 0

Saudis plan fence along Iraq border

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Saudi Arabia is pushing ahead with plans to build a fence to block terrorists from crossing its 560-mile… 0

Cold Virus Lingers On 35% Of Surfaces Touched

We live in a world where the cold virus (rhinovirus) lingers on 35% of surfaces touched by unwashed hands – and that is… 0

India’s Police Say Pakistan Helped Plot Attack

MUMBAI, India, Sept. 30 — In a declaration likely to increase tensions on this subcontinent, the Indian police on Saturday accused Pakistan’s intelligence… 0

Tensions rise between Russia and Georgia

The US has objected to a proposed Russian statement expressing grave concern at Georgia’s recent provocative actions, including the arrest of four Russian… 0

‘Settlements can’t be evacuated’

Vice Premier Shimon Peres said on Thursday that “the government cannot evacuate more settlements in Judea and Samaria,” given that Israel has continued… 0

Syria defies U.S. threat, still backs Hamas, Hizbollah

Syria will keep supporting Hamas and Hizbollah despite U.S. threats to impose more sanctions on it, a government newspaper said on Thursday.

Russia starts pulling officials out of Georgia

TBILISI, Russia began pulling out some of its officials from Georgia on Friday as the crisis mounted between the two former Soviet states… 0

Gunman had list of female students

BAILEY – The Park County Sheriff said Thursday afternoon the man who killed a 16-year-old student at Platte Canyon High School apparently had… 0

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